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You also have to look at how the string stiffness test is done. For cost reasons, it does not mimic hitting a thousand balls off a tennis racket.
Are you talking about their tension loss simulation? There I agree with you - I think hitting the string twenty times with a hammer with a force meant to simulate a 120 mph serve sounds good in principle, but it appears to me that it is actually too agressive. TWU's testing shows that copolys lose 20+ pounds of tension, which is more than in real life, IMHO. However, the synguts lose half as much and natural gut loses even less, so at least the testing is an accurate reflection of how much better gut is than syngut and syngut than copoly.

As far as their stiffness tests go, they use a 3.3 cm length of string. As I mentioned upthread, using a 1-1.5 cm length might be a better idea.

I'll post this in my multis thread as well, but I broke the Dynamite last night after only 3 sets of singles and 3 sets of doubles. It was a little warmer last night and just perfect conditions for tennis. The Dynamite was feeling absolutely terrific, no arm issues whatsoever. My forehand was finally coming out of a 2 month hibernation and then the darn string broke. I'm guessing the tension loss helped. The final measurement I got off RacquetTune was 11.1%.

One interesting thing about this string is that my 2nd serve was really good. I felt like I was almost hitting 2 first serves because of the confidence that I would not miss. Touch with this string is poor though. All in all an interesting string test.
You might try ZX next Dynamite mains/ZX crosses might be really good too. The slippery ZX crosses should reduce notching of the Dynamite mains somewhat and the string movement and snapback you should get would reduce impact force by prolonging dwell time. Dynamite has such high ball-string friction that it would seem an excellent main string.

The problem with Dynamite has always been durability. The outer nylon braid is not really that tough, but it's meant to protect the thin strands of Zyex inside of it. Those strands tend to get sliced rather easily. A braid of Kevlar would probably be better but would be very expensive to make. The ZX, on the other hand, being a monofilament, should be much more durable than Dynamite. We'll see how long it lasts for Torres.
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