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I had a bad experience at my club. A member had brought some guests over (which is allowed) and they were playing doubles. When their time was up, they would not move because my partner was delayed. I often practice serves by myself, and sometimes will do that for a long time without a partner, but evidently they thought that at least 2 people should be there or they would not give up the court. I had to call the office and have them thrown out. Before that, they started using tactics like starting a game in the middle of the dispute and then claiming they needed to finish it, etc. Luckily it never happened again.
Yeah..when time is up time is up... at our club at least on clay the kids that work the courts show up at the top of each hour to broom off the courts and then at 5 Min after the hour the next person in line can come on unless you have scheduled multiple hours which they Give you a 2 hour card that clips to your score keeper...and the kids collect your card after the first hour and then return in the 2nd to broom your court.
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