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Default 7 POGs for sale

3x straight shaft single stripe midplus solid 7+/10 condition, original prince calfskin leather grip, 4 1/2, two freshly strung with wilson sensation 16 at 62-64#. 3 sets of new grommets/bumpers come with this package. hard to find these "straight shaft" versions now and many say these are more headlight and maneuverable. they hit beautifully with great control. $260 shipped for everything.

2x 4-stripe midplus 7/10 condition, original p. calfskin leather grip, 4 1/2, both strung at mid-tension with syn gut. $140 shipped.

2x oversize single stripes, one 8+/10 condition unstrung, 1 @ 7/10 condition strung at mid-tension. both 4 1/2 grip and same grips as above. $140 shipped.

looking to sell the three packages right now not individual rackets. if you wanted to buy all the midsize rackets (5) i'd make a deal. or all 7 rackets for an even better deal.

email james.ys.yang @ g m a i l for pics.
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