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Originally Posted by Chanwan View Post
Need I mention US 2008 and AO 2010? (and no, I don't buy that Nadal's injury was bad enough to cause him to lose - he was flat out beaten and chose to withdrew. It worked, he kept Murray as a lapdog for a little longer)
US Open 2008 was a tough 4 setter (and I said it'd be a minimum of 4 sets), and, and you can be as skeptical as you like about Nadal's injury in the AO 2010, but the fact is, it goes down as a loss due to retirement because of injury. Nadal is a champion. He generally takes his beatings like a man. If he can't continue, then he's injured.

So you've got no point. A fully fit Nadal would either beat Muzza in the US Open semi, or take him to 4 or 5 tough sets in a loss.
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