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Originally Posted by Alchemy-Z View Post

...then a group of 4 ladies show up...NIKE head to tow matching tennis bags and tell the girl that they need to get off court so they cant play "real tennis"

...My friend was closest and said "Ladies the wait time is 1 hour and they started 5 min after us and we have been here for 30min so you can wait for us for 30min...or 35 for them

Lady says "fine but I am calling the parks department"

Good on your friend for having balls (tennis) to stand up to the tennis witches! At my club they even putting charging stations for their brooms. I wonder what the "laidy" was expecting to happen when she called the park dept--they're probably on the beach at Cancun with the money that should be going to maintain the courts and have a college PE major as a monitor like they use to have in the good old days, that actually did exist.

I think if someone's practicing their serve that's a legitimate use of the court (probably, because I do it a lot). If someone goes to the trouble of hauling a ball machine onto a court I think they've earned the right to use it. If I see someone lurking while I'm practicing, I'll ask them to "help" me with my service practice by returning the serve, they are always happy to oblige, and that way it helps them too--the dynamic of practicing one's serve changes when there's a living, breathing body on the other side of the net.

I'd say the main thing is to communicate with the folks when they show up, be friendly, explain what you're doing and the your time paramaters and all should work out alright--if they are all not witches.
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