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Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
I think the paragraph about "contrived wrist movement" (WW, wrist roll, brushing, ...) has some good points but I think a WW finish and hitting up (brushing) should be learned at the very beginning. In other words, I think the strokes we see from Federer and Nadal can be used as models for beginners all the way to world class. These are simple efficient strokes that provide a good margin of error due to the topspin and the long extension thru the hitting zone.

Also, Federer is "setting the hitting structure early" in my opinion. Notice how in frame 2 his wrist is laid back a bit. Nadal too in the same frame. I think most of the wrist "movement" in the stroke pattern is natural and not consious thought.
Actually, the WW forehand involves a forearm action that is not a necessity for the completion of the stroke... you can still hit very decently without using that.
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