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I think a guy like Wayne Ferreira or Fabrice Santoro is more remembered than many players that were better than them at winning, like Cedric Pioline or Mecir, or whatever
Mecir gets 10 times the amount of talk on this board than Ferreira(and Ferreira played a lot more recently than Mecir)
And Pioline gets more as well.

almost every 'best to never win a major' thread begins with Mecir(with Pioline in the mix)

I followed tennis during Ferreira's entire career, he wasn't some fan favorite at all. And some of those majors he played injured just for the record, I remember him badly spraining his ankle at the French one year & he showed up at Wimbledon just for the record & barely moved in his 1st round match.
That was a lame move imo.
I think he may actually hold the record for most retirements in Slam play.
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