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Originally Posted by Tennis_Hands View Post
It is a matter of will and intention.
Capitalism = Making corporate profit for shareholders at society's expense is the main aim of society
Regular doping tests = Eating into corporate profits

Cycling has been compelled into stricter doping tests because so many cyclists have tested positive or been found guilty of taking banned substances, scandals which have damaged business. How many Tour de France podium finishers since the 1990s have tested positive or been found guilty? A clear majority, so cyclists at the elite of the sport have been caught in the scandals, with Lance Armstrong being by far the biggest of all. What's the biggest case in tennis? Probably Mariano Puerta, because Puerta tested positive on two seperate occasions, at 2003 Vina del Mar and at the 2005 French Open. Puerta is also the only player to have tested positive for a banned substance after a major tennis final, i.e. at the 2005 French Open. And then there's Petr Korda testing positive at 1998 Wimbledon, just 5 months after winning the Australian Open (where he had tested negative after beating Rios). But tennis is nowhere near the doping scandals like that we've seen in sports like cycling and athletics, and the ITF seems to maintain a lot of control over the anti-doping policies inside tennis.

Now, as the ITF and the ATP are both very strongly connected to the profit making that goes with tennis as a business, there's a clear conflict of interest. Causing a doping scandal = Loss of corporate profit, so there's a clear incentive to bury positive tests to safeguard future business, if they can get away with it due to a lack of transparency. The only solution is to give control of anti-doping matters to a non-profit organisation that is completely unconnected to the profit making side of a sport, and to blood test every single player at every single tournament.

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