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Originally Posted by Anaconda View Post
Safin after 2003. Missed pretty much all of 2003, played his first tournament at AO 2004, managed to somehow make the final after a tough draw only to gas out in the final, then managed to win back to back ms titles in Europe then took home the AO 2005. Sadly, it ended in injuries again.
Safin didn't miss all of 2003. He had about a 3 month hiatus in the middle of the year, but he still entered 13 tournaments in 2003 and participated in the indoor season events. He played his last match of 2003 at the end of October. Safin was in poor form, but he has no place in this discussion of players returning after 6+ months off tour.

Safin's story is more like a career revival. Kinda like Roddick at the start of 2009, but Marat had to climb back up much more than Roddick.

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