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Originally Posted by JRAJ1988 View Post
What changed Federer from a top 10 player into the juggernaut of domination from 2004 onwards...was it because he played more from the baseline from 2004? or he just evolved as a player? I ask this as I'm watching Federer vs Philippoussis and he was serving volleying a lot.
He sorted his head out. Federer had all the talent, but the wrong mentality. In 2003, the winning mentality showed a lot of flashes, but it didn't come through fully until the 2003 Masters Cup in Houston, beating Agassi in the round robin match after being 1 point from losing. Once Federer sorted his head out, the pieces started coming together. When he had the right mentality and had banished his old demons, he was able to dominate the sport.

I also think that Peter Carter's death on the 1st August 2002 played a big part in his changed mentality.
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