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Much like Tommyj has said, I would add some weight (about 2-3 inches on either side of the strings at 3 & 9) and then counter at the handle. I might even add more under the grip as I like a more head light feel compared to Tommyj. I would also add a leather grip. One, because I like the feel, and two, because it helps me get the head light feel I like.

While the selection of heavy player's oversize racquets is very slim right now, the up side is there are some -- like the Radicals -- which make great platform racquets for weight/balance customization.

If you don't remove the adhesive backing on the lead tape (but secure it with some other tape like duct tape) you can move the weight around even while on court to play with the balance and feel on the fly and really dial it in.

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