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Someone mentioned the Steam 99s. I had a bout of TE 6 months back. I had been playing with a Yonex RDiS with some stiff poly. Exercise and switching to gut mains with a multi cross, then later to gut mains with a poly crosses. Thera-band and icing after I played helped it along.

So I picked up a steam 99s when it first came out. I'm a 4.0. with a fairly fast swing. Word of caution. I can't get gut to last more than 4 hours in it. So if you are thinking of buying it because of the basalt + the open face, know that if you have a fast swing you'll have to put a full bed of poly in it.

I'm testing a full bed of Topspin cyberflash now. (its very soft). I'll see how it goes.
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