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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
I have hit with the Organix 8, I like it! It's much more maneuverable than both the Steam 99S and the APD. I also suggest looking at the Volkl Organix V1 Midplus. I used that racquet for a few months after adding some lead tape to it.

When it comes to spin, the Steam 99S has no equal. Not even the APD can match it, and I love the APD! I'd give a slight edge to the APD for control and power though. But very slight.

Definitely give these racquets a demo if you can. That's really the only way to tell the difference.

Jason, TW
Thanks, I will.

One last question. X8 has a 16x18 pattern but on this forum the stringbed has been stated as pretty tight for a 16x18. Even less open than PDGT/APD13. Is that correct, and is spin therefore less easy/more control?

(I play a very mixed game (spin, slice, short, deep etc) and have a naturally swing with lots of spin, if the stringbed is too open, spin is amazing, but I loose some control. So I want my racket powerfull but with a not-to-open-stringbed)
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