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Originally Posted by Angle Queen View Post

Attended a "Town Hall" Meeting this past weekend, ostensibly to get an update on the Changes and Challenges facing USTA/VA. I thought we'd be hearing more about the overall league restructuring but what we got was a highly scripted (IMHO) presentation of what's happening between USTA/VA and USTA/MAS. And it's not good. USTA/VA is definitely SOL.

USTA/National approved the By-Law changes (after punting them back to the section...not getting resolved and, hence, were approved). USTA/VA sued. And lost. Entered arbitration (over methods to offer/vote on an alternate slate of officers). And lost. Or certainly are losing.

Apparently, there's some March 31st deadline to come up with something but the two camps (USTA/VA and USTA/ USTA/DC & USTA/MD) are at complete and utter loggerheads.

I still don't fully understand the whole voting dilution/limitation to 40%...but here's the bottom-line, at least to me: Despite having 10 times the number of registered USTA players as DC, their voting capabilities are nearly equal.

This is ALL about THE MONEY. Clearly, USTA/VA (and MD to some extent) are subsidizing the USTA/DC District. And they want to keep it that way. Suggestions to divide Virginia (into a north/south and keep DC and MD) as well as create three more equally-sized districts with, e.g. Central VA/Metro DC/MD, were apparently rejected. USTA/VA can't do anything to themselves without getting approval of USTA/MAS....who apparently won't approve anything because it'll disrupt the cash-cow they are milking. We can't leave USTA/MAS -- either to become our own section or join forces with other states (like NC/SC/WV/TN) -- and are destined to stay just like we are. Crazy stupid and the very definition of Up A Creek.

I may have gotten a few of the nuances wrong...but the general flavor/consensus was that...we're screwed.
Wow. Seems like a crappy situation. I just wonder if I'll see any changes once I actual get back to playing USTA?
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