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My son hits with an E fh and he can kick balls up to my head and to the side at times. His form is not like Fed's. His prep has a good loop, not too big, but not Fed like either. The head drops below the ball at the bottom of the loop. He keeps his elbow more into his body as he swings to contact and I think his contact point is therefore a bit closer to the body than you might think (hard to tell from across the net). His arm is bent at contact. He gets a good relative motion up and across the ball. Both spin and pace are good, and he can flatten it out and rip through it when he wants. He probably should get the elbow a bit more away from his body, but I've noticed a lot the high school kids on his team have that similar elbow into the body form.

I don't know if his grip has cheated much towards a SW - it's possible.

Anyways, yes it can be done and you don't have to be Roger Federer to do it.
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