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I used a piece of the dynamite tough 16 to burn out a wood racket. The "tough" nylon coating came off and I was left with just the zyex multifilaments. The zyex filaments looked to have a diameter of 1.00mm-1.10mm. I am not surprised this string would break quickly; The nylon coating easily wears off, then you are basically left with a very very thin gauge zyex multifilament string.
Yeah, the nylon braid doesn't hold up. Over the past couple years I've seen numerous board members become enthusiastic about Zyex because of its extremely low stiffness, but they usually abandon the string after again and again watching the outer braid fall apart and expose the thin zyex filaments inside. It's a bit like Isospeed Control strings, which have a very weak outer layer of polyolefin surrounding a wee little strand of nylon inside. I always wondered why Ashwaway didn't just make a monofilament out of Zyex. Now they have. Some of the reports we have suggest ZX is pretty notch resistant. If a player doesn't mind staying under the 60# tension limit this does seem like a very interesting string.
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