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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
Good for you! Everyone has the right to play tennis equally. There is no judgement on how well they play.

Didn't used to be that way in Northern Virginia. No one would have thought of being that selfish with a scarce commodity. It is because society has changed and being selfish is no longer thought to be out of the norm. Besides, we would have harassed the person to leave if they didn't leave. If they were cooperative, we would have helped them pick up the balls and, if somewhere close in tennis-level, might have invited the person to hit with us a little during the warm-up.
Never seen 4 people try to bump two, though. Might have led to a knife-fight or gunfight at some of the courts we used to play at.
I'm failing to understand how their behavior would be selfish. If anything, it sounds like you and your friends were quite selfish in the use of your "intimidation" tactics to get people to leave the courts whenever you wanted to use them.

All that aside, I would love to live somewhere where there were enough people that wanted to play tennis that fights over court time actually broke out.

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