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Originally Posted by Fugazi View Post
That's just ridiculous, sorry. To consider them 4.0s is also unrealistic. Strong 4.5s or low 5.0s sounds about right. Definitely too many unforced errors and technical flaws to be 5.5.
Your own assessment is ridiculous actually. Like many guys here you just threw out numbers without any explanation. On other hand Crosscourt gave explanation, good or not.

Id agree with crosscourt. They don't hit much differently than the guys at the court I play, 3.5-4.0, lots of powerful wacking and gross errors on 2nd or 3rd ball. If you don't agree, tell me how differently these guys hit?

I'd played a few doubles with a strong 4.5. This guy could routinely keep a very tight rally using topspin and low, skidding slice. He didn't give any unexplainable, grossly miss-hit shot.
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