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Originally Posted by Muppet View Post

I fit into this description of a player who can benefit from poly, except that I'm a 3.0. I leapt up to poly level when I shifted from an eastern grip to a modified eastern on the forhand. I'm also implementing a unit turn that makes me swing alot faster after I release the racquet with the off hand. Next I need to add opening the hips.

I used to use multis, but I wouldn't trust them with the new stroke. I don't think syn guts would work as well either. My serve is better than it has ever been. My backhand still needs some work, as I'm attempting to switch to a one-hander. I know, too many changes at once.

So what I did was switch to a poly hybrid and I'm catching up with my technique, rather than plateau on syn gut and eventually switch to poly. Thanks for your contributions.



You sound like a guy I know who wants to be good at golf but he thinks he can just buy high priced clubs to take away all his blunders. If youre a 3.0, thinking that you can use a poly string and that will instantly make you a quality player is kidding yourself.
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