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Originally Posted by octogon View Post
Then it's even more likely that Murray wouldn't have a slam. Murray plays free-er in slam semis than in slam finals, when the occassion often gets to him (he's admited as much). That's why he's got such an awful record in slam finals. He's have a better chance of beating Nadal in a semi than a final, imho. If he faced Nadal in a final, Nadal's superior composure in finals and Murrary's tendency to choke in finals would probably spell doom for Murray. Djokovic would soften up Murray in the semi, and Nadal would likely kill him off.
So you are assuming that Nadal would have won against Djokovic? Isn't Djokovic the lucky guy then, because he got to finals when he would have otherwise lost to Rafa in the semis???

Besides what is all this bs anyway? Is Djokovic's Aussie Open win any less legitimate because Murray was having physical problems during that final? I thought not. Being fit is part of the job, if you aren't healthy and can't compete it's your problem. The world goes on. Rafa was the only Big 3 guy Murray had ever beaten in a slam prior to his USO triumph, so all these claims are ridiculous tbf. Coulda, shoulda, woulda... but wasn't fit enough.
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