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I believe their level of play has already been confirmed on page 3.
They both had winning records at would be considered a 4.5 level of play here. But, feel free to say that they look no better than your local 3.5's. Funny, because I don't see 3.5's at any parks near me hitting the ball as well as these guys, and they don't move nearly as well, either. These guys regularly perform a split step, and they move quickly towards the next shot. Yes, they do make several unforced errors during this match, but I also witnessed some very good shot making at times that would be well beyond a 3.5 and even the vast majority of 4.0 players.

4.5 players are at the beginning of advanced level of play. A lot of people on these boards grossly exaggerate just how good 4.5 level of play is, and what it takes to get there.
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