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Obviously a lot of players choose not to play it due to the difficult nature of the tour including top plays like Fed and Muzza. I've heard a suggestion where the Davis cup becomes compressed into a single event much like the Rhyder Cup for golf or the World Table Tennis Championships and plays almost like a WTF for teams i.e. lots of sponsors, one venue which changes every half a decade or so, perhaps 2 or 3 weeks etc.
I agree that it does need an overhaul. I think the easiest initial adjustment is to make it best of 3 sets … I see no reason why it needs to be best of five. As far as the format, my suggestion is to run a year-end tournament as others have suggested, similar to WTF, with the top eight countries participating. The top four, however, would be the countries that made it to the semis of the previous year’s tournament. The other four would be determined through the standard DC format we use today. This way there is a big incentive to get to the semis of the tournament and it would give those countires most of the year off. Also, with 4 spots pre-determined, more countries can be allowed to compete in the regular pool to determine the other four. Just a thought …

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