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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Yes, Virgina sends all these whiny emails complaining how they are being mistreated.
I've yet to get one of those emails. In fact, I get no emails from USTA/VA.

Just because you are the biggest doesn't mean you get to run roughshod over everyone else. California doesn't get to boss Wyoming around just because California is bigger. If you are going to have a union, you have to look out for the rights of the minority.
California is so big, the state is split into two separate Sections. They are not, cannot, trample on Wyoming.

And the Mid-Atlantic Section is grossly misaligned. Last I saw of numbers, there was no other Section with such a disparity in the size of the individual districts. Please, Cindy, go back in this thread and look at some of the suggestions I put forth. They're some of the same ones (apparently) USTA/VA has suggested too. But to no avail. I don't know, and we weren't told, why certain elements of potential resolution were rejected. I think I've been a loud critic of USTA/VA's (sometimes) holier-than-thou attitude, but continuing to underwrite such a small District as DC just doesn't make either financial or functional sense.

I appreciate that USTA is tring to look out for the little guy a bit.
I think it's been a bit of heavy-handed politicing and mud-slinging by just a few who have caused all the commotion. Wish I knew what'd really started it all -- why a duly designated delegate...suggested an amendment at Nationals that the entire MAS BoD never had approved anyway. Literally 100s of thousands of dollars have been spent on both sides to litigate this matter. How many racquets or lessons could that have bought for kids with an interest...or public courts to be resurfaced? It's grandiose pig-headed power everyone involved.

/rant over

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