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I admit I haven't kept up with the politics of it all. I play primarily in MD, with a bit of DC. If I never played another match in VA, I'd be fine with it. You can see why my initial instincts are not to care one whit how badly VA thinks it has been treated.

When I talked about California and Wyoming, I wasn't talking about USTA or tennis.

I was talking more generally about how our system of government is set up so that big states cannot overpower little states (e.g. each state gets two Senators regardless of size). There are legitimate reasons to do things that way. If you don't, the minority will be outvoted again and again and they will eventually cease to exist or will revolt.

In tennis, USTA feels it is important to be a national organization. To do that, they have to preserve the interests of the smaller states/leagues.

It sounds like they may have handled this correctly. VA is complaining but is not leaving. That suggests that USTA may have struck the right balance.
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