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Originally Posted by pennc94 View Post
I would take it one step further:

Either do not allow seniors to play 18+, or rate them down 0.5 (so a 4.0 senior plays as a 3.5 in mixed). In my experience, this applies more to the ladies. I have played against 4.5 senior ladies and they are nowhere near a 4.5 man and nowhere near a younger female 4.5.
I don't think age has anything to do with it.

We're talking about doubles. And I am specifically talking about 4.0 women (don't know anything about 4.5 women).

Honestly, I do not feel at any disadvantage against young 4.0 women when we play doubles. If we are all computer-rated, then we should have a competitive match. Perhaps they will be a bit quicker, but perhaps I will have more consistency or variety.

I think the computer already accounts for age just fine.
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