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I am facing the same dilemma.
I have been using the Prestige Pro for years and was looking for something a little more forgiving and faster - as I play mainly doubles these days.
I came across the 97 Tour (310) in the UK and have been hitting with it for the last couple of weeks and here are my thoughts (compared to the Prestige Pro);
A great serving racket. Nice pop and the lower SW generates increased racket head speed - so plenty of spin. Less tiring to serve over multiple sets.
A great volleying racket. Maneuverable but solid. Nice pop on put away volleys and enough pop on reaction volleys - where sometimes the ball can die off the face of the Prestige Pro.
Struggling to make good contact on my ground strokes. Feels a little too fast, almost as if I'm pulling off the forehand too early - compared to the plow of the Prestige Pro.
Unfortunately the 330 version isn't available in the UK - because I'd love to compare the 2 before I commit.
Like Boricua, I'm not keen on adding lead to frames and prefer to play them stock.
I am hoping that the 330 will combine the plow of the Prestige (that I am missing on the ground strokes) with the extra pop I was finding on serves and volleys with the 310. But my concern is that the higher SW will negate the extra pop - and play too similar to the Prestige.
Another factor is where you play. Inside on carpet with no wind and the ball coming through nice and fast - the 310 plays fine. Outside on concrete playing into the wind (where you really need to generate your own power), I really missed the plow of my Prestige Pro...
My instinct is that the 330 is the one for me. The unknown is whether I could adapt my ground strokes to the SW of the 310...
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