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Originally Posted by Sid_Vicious View Post
Dominated? Very unlikely. Even in-form Safin was not a shoe-in for the FO and Wimbledon is simply out of the question. He would have had chances to win AO and USO, but to say that Safin would have dominated those two events with the kind of form Agassi and Roddick were in is giving Safin more credit than he deserves.
Uh, Safin coming into the AO 2004 had very little match practice as we've already covered still managed to beat Agassi and Roddick in 5 sets. So I'd favour an in form Safin over Roddick or Agassi on any hard court any day of the week.

FO, remember Safin has actually beaten Ferrero before and never got a chance to really play 2004 and 2005 because of injury and after 2005 he was out of pretty much everything, definitely could have won one FO title if he didn't have injury problems especially in 2003 and 2004; Especially since Nadal wasn't in FO ownage mode until 2005.

Again, Wimbledon is the same story, made one QF appearance then wasn't really able to anything because of the wrist injury of 03, the blisters of 2004, knee of 2005, 2006 onwards he didn't do anything until 2008 where he made the semi's. I think if Safin could make the semi's on one foot playing nowhere near the level he could, I'm sure in 2003 he could have done better, again, if fully fit.
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