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Originally Posted by Sid_Vicious View Post
He did say it. It is just his opinion and IMO he is not well informed about the topic. I don't recall Federer ever saying that tennis players don't deserve more prize money.
I'm not saying he did say it, but it is possible that not everything Federer says is reported in the press or can be found using google alerts. Some of those things he says might become known to other players.

However, the various translations of this interview show how carefully you need to take reports of what someone has said, and it is possible that Jerzy heard an incorrect report himself.

What is amusing is seeing some people reacting to him according to which player he might be slighting this time around. He's a welcome breath of fresh air if he makes a dig at the rival to my favourite, whereas he's getting ahead of himself if the dig appears to be aimed at my favourite!
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