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Originally Posted by TheCheese View Post
With standard technique, grip has a pretty big influence. With the Fed/Nadal technique, it's less about the grip because you can make your grip play more extreme just by pronating your arm more.

Federer/Nadal are not using the same WW that players like Roddick are using. Fed/Nadal are coming up and across the ball, bending at the elbow and pulling inwards towards their body, rather than turning at the elbow and wiping the forearm across like a windshield wiper. There was a great post by Will Hamilton about this, where he talked about how the WW technique he teaches is different than the type used by Fed/Nadal and is more like Roddick/Andreev's technique.
With the grip, all he is saying is you can hit a modern forehand with a variety of grips. Yet we have posters who have skimmed his blog starting threads about how extreme grips are the key to maximum supination in modern strokes. It's just mind boggling.

He spends a ton of time on his blog teaching how to prepare early for you groundstrokes, setting your hitting arm position, and coiling properly, etc. without adding extra contrived movements that will break down under pressure. Yet we have wegnerites on here ( Wegner teaches early preparation is not an important part of the modern game and shouldn't be worried about) citing the tennis speed articles about stroke production. It really is shocking how bad some peoples reading comprehension is.

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