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A quick review comparing the 99s to the 2013 Aero Pro Drive:

I had used the Head Radical Pro for a few months until the new APD came out and was instantly won over by the Bab. I could hit every shot better with the Bab, only missing the solid plow of the radical. Over the past two months of using the APD I have started getting a few small pains after hitting for about two hours. I don't get pains while playing matches due to the amount of downtime between points, just during constant drilling. The one issue I was having coming to the APD was controlling the huge amount of power the frame provides. When I can, it's almost always a winner or would force my opponent into a forced error. If I am off my game with this racquet then I lose very quickly hitting lots of balls long.

I received a demo of the 99s which I got merely to see what all the hype was about. I honestly pulled it out of my bag and chuckled because I thought of how big of a marketing ploy this was, but how it worked enough to get me to give it a try. I started warming up and couldn't hit the ball in a straight line for about two minutes. Felt like an idiot and almost dumped it back in the bag. Decided to give it a bit more time and I am beyond happy that I did. Once I got warmed up and brought up the speed of my swing the racquet seemed to wake up. It became an absolute beast from the baseline. For two hours the only ground strokes I hit long were framers when I was trying to hit ridiculous spin. Speaking of spin, I didn't see a huge difference compared to the APD other than all my shots were landing in. Needless to say that is enough for me. I hit a relatively flat shot so the added spin was just enough to boost my confidence immensely and allow me to swing out. That is something that was always in the back of my mind when ripping a shot with the APD and I would pull back to make myself swing softer. The pro I was drilling with was having an amazingly hard time keeping up with me in a rally and I was backing him up a solid 5-6 feet behind the baseline. After one 15 shot cross court rally he really got into it and began pounding the ball back. This racquet simply enabled me to absorb the pace and send it right back at him. Not bad for a 4.0 against an open level teaching pro. Again, the confidence to hit out is through the roof

As far as the other aspects of the game, I saw no noticeable difference between the two sticks. But the confidence to swing out on both sides of my groundless is enough to make me jump one bandwagon onto the next. Plus how incredibly solid the Wilson feels in comparison.

BTW, the Steam came to me with syn gut that I had to straighten the mains after every rally. I cannot even fathom how amazing this stick is going to be when I get a proper poly in it. I have a sinister smile on my face just thinking about it...
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