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Originally Posted by crosscourt View Post
The standard is certainly poor. Whether poorer than last season I am not sure. For all that I was very pleased to see them succeed City must have been the most limited winners of the Premiership for a long time. Some very talented players but the overall picture is at times appallingly one dimensional.
I think you sum it up well, very talented players, but at times it can look very one dimensional. You expect that from teams in the bottom half really, you can't have 20 top teams. The worrying thing is that the top teams don't really appear any different, save for the extra quality who win games.

Man Utd for instance, they look sloppy and keep letting in silly goals, it's the likes of van Persie who have saved them countless times. Against Fulham at the weekend, they gave up 4 or 5 great chances. Chelsea have just been awful the last 3 months, I put it down to sticking blindly with Torres, and having a serious lack of not only numbers in midfield, but players who have the quality and know-how to play the modern way. The top teams all have great midfields, compare that with Mikel and Ramires (which seems to be the prefered duo), to me it's more like a midfield from 2003, not 2013.
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