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Originally Posted by 10isfreak View Post
I am puzzled as to whether or not amateurs can generate some serious amount of top spin using some variation of the eastern forehand grip and if someone had video footage to show what it looks like.

Of course, we do have a professional instance of what it can be turned into (Federer), but this pro also uses many micro-movements that we could only hope to see amateurs replicate entirely. I'd just like to see amateurs hitting with that grip.
What kind of experience do you have with the game of tennis??? For a period of time, the eastern grip was more popular on the forehand than the semi-western. Countless players used it to hit topspin.

If you play with older players who were taught to hit their forehands before the the semi-western grip was en vogue, you will see eastern and even continental forehands.

Some younger players are using eastern grips as well, although they are not as common as the semiwestern. You achieve topspin with an eastern grip the same way you would, if you use a semi-western, you get your racket below the ball, and hit through the ball, making sure you have a full followthrough.

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