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Originally Posted by wmilas View Post
Heh noticed that video you are at a club with direct fluorescent lighting. How do you like that? All the clubs around here are still MH.
I love it, the direct lighting is miles better than the indirect for me especially. I struggle badly under sub standard lights, if it isn't bright I lose my depth perception and can't serve at all. I can usually hit ground strokes ok.

This club always had direct fluorescent lighting, but just recently they were updated to the smaller lamps which are MUCH brighter (and I am sure more efficient). The first time I hit under the new lights was tough, but I knew it would be good when I got used to it.

The ball is almost like an over sharpened TV image, and it isn't quite where you think it is.

After a couple of times hitting under them I don't even notice any more, and they are great. That court, those lights are the best I play on.

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