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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
And for injured old farts like myself, not.
I can hit a heavy RPM looper once in a while for effect (change of ball), but overall, hitting modern topspin strokes every ball is a losing proposition for my body. Just takes too many strokes to win a point.
Better to slice into a corner repeatedly, and when opponent get's lazy, THEN hit the heavy topspin short angle shot.
If you want more topspin, but don't want to change your grip, focus on getting below the ball more, when you want a loopier shot. You will see players like Andy Murray do this all the time during rallies on the pro-tour. On his flat forehands he doesn't get below the ball as much. A shot he loves to hit is the cross-court roller. On this shot he really gets below the ball dramatically, it helps him hit that loopier shot that will dip more.
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