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Originally Posted by Fearsome Forehand View Post
No. Too hard to prove at this point. It was years ago and the guys he defrauded are in different countries and different states. But, karma caught up with this creep. He is going to jail for about 4 years or so, hopefully more.
It sure would suck to be in his position right now, I wonder if he thinks about his scam on two unlucky people from this board. Or if he can really remember it at all? Im assuming theres many other things that he did in those 4 years that have caused it all to be a blur. He can probably remember.

I recall seeing a Charles Nguyen on an early morning clinic show on the tennis channel a couple weeks ago. It looked like him in his mug shot too. He was also using a microgel head extreme too, I wonder if it was the one he took from ____ (can remember the username) I believe it was filmed three year ago, so around summer of 2009.
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