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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
Djoker will nab a lot of slams obviously because Fed and Nadal are on their way out the door and passed their primes. Agassi had to deal with Sampras as a contemporary his ENTIRE career. Nole is more fortunate in that regard

The field is more open now and opportunities for guys like Nole and Murray are more plentiful because Nadal-Fed are semi retired at this point
Agassi won 3 of his 8 slams after 2000 when Sampras had essentially become as YOU put it a 'non-entity'. Thus he really should only be sitting on about 5 slams. Whereas Djokovic has now won 6 when Federer and Nadal have both been playing at a pretty good level, as well as Murray now. One could conclude that Djoker > Agassi.

That is the type of logic you use in your arguments. Just accept that Federer has surpassed Sampras and move on.
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