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i took these 2 out for a very quick hit today.
so last time out i loved serving with the blxproopen. i blasted the hardest 1st serve ive ever hit and i also was able to routinely hit my wide 2nd serve with a lot of kick.

today was a different story. although now it is strung with black shark/enduro pro hybrid instead of my usual black code... and it felt pretty terrible. (this is my 2nd time stringing a racquet with black shark and both times i hated the feel.. lesson learned!) i could not hit a serve with any power and groundies had spin but didnt feel very good.
but maybe it was because i was trading off between this racquet and the pro tour and my timing got messed up. dunno.

but the pro tour served great! placement on a dime and 1st serves had easy power. ball didnt kick up that high but had good sidespin movement. demo has wilson sensation on it so it wasnt a proper scientific experiment with many different variables. anyway, this racquet is very likeable. has good power of a tweener and it has the weight and balance of a players stick. the only thing im not sure about it the stiffness. it seemed like a flex of 70 and that was with multi string! maybe i'd get used to it but im worried about even trying full poly in it. groundies had great directional control and depth but spin was lacking. anyway, this does have me thinking i should try out more 95-100", @11.7oz, under 66 flex, with low swingweight racquets because my serve felt really smooth with this stick.
guess i should restring and give it another shot.. cuz the price is right!!!
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