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Beveldevil, you think Nadal's backhand is left-hand (front arm) dominant? That would be quite strange since he's supposedly naturally right handed, so I'd have thought he'd use the opportunity to hit as much of a 'right-handed forehand' as possible?

Do you think Nadal or Gulbis hits more spin on the backhand?

On the 20 bh's vid linked earlier;

...we can see that Nadal and Almagro are the only ones using a wind-shield wiper-style swing path on their backhands. The video shows that beautifully. Gasquet and Dimitrov will also often use a WW finish, but didn't in the clips shown in the video.

Nadal and Gulbis are often said to be the 2hbh's that hit the most topspin. Nadal and Gulbis both 'pat-the-dog' on the backswing, but only Nadal uses the WW follow-through. So how can Gulbis rival Nadal's topspin on the 2hbh, if he doesn't use a WW finish?

And how does 'patting the dog' generally increase topspin production anyway, in either the forehand or backhand?

Does anyone with a 1hbh 'pat the dog'?
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