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Originally Posted by tacou View Post
I dislike when commentators talk during points. It is disrespectful all for the audience to do it, and most commentators try to refrain from it, but some talk and talk as if the match isn't even going on.

I don't know what OP means about stats. I find the stats they present in tennis to be sorely lacking. Stats are a part of professional sports but they do not even keep track of relevant/attractive stats such as match/tournament averages.
what I mean by stats is while they may be interesting, they do not really say anything about the particular event currently under way. the only stat that matters during a match is who won. espn loves to throw stats at us in an effort to entice us into predicting how a match may play out. But stats are always backward looking. I hate to dredge an old axiom up but statistics are for losers...

here's another example of why stats are not helpful during a match:

...your Dr. says there is a 10% survival rate for your illness. this only means that of 100 people that only 10 will survive. however there is no way of knowing if you fall into the 90% or 10% category. therefore it is not predictive of YOUR situation.

... so if Federer wins 65% of his tie breakers' it does not mean there is a 65% likelihood he will win the current tiebreaker he is playing.

ESPN presents stats like the latter. the only 'value' in them is their announcers have another excuse to keep flapping their lips.

Sorry for the diatribe.
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