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Unhappy Defending Against Wide Serves to Backhand

I play primarily singles but have also faced this problem in doubles. One opponent in particular serves from the ad court and stands out near the alley. His serves are so predictable and always land short and take me out wide into the ad alley. He does manage to have some pace on the shot so, they are not easily handled serves. Especially since they are to my backhand as I am a righty.

At first, I would try to rip them down the line, as he leaves this wide open for me, but I miss about 50% of the time and hit the ball out or hit the net. If I hit down the T in the center of the court, it goes right to his forehand and he rips it down the line, on his side as he took me out wide with his serve.

Any thoughts or suggestions on how you can handle this?

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