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Originally Posted by jss2red View Post
Hello, right now i am looking ideas of diets you guys might have for tennis fitness. Right now this is my diet:
Morning : Cheerios, with low fat milk, and coffee.
Lunch: Salad, with some fruit and milk.
Dinner: Different meals every day.

I am also drinking 96 Oz of water everyday. Any ideas will of diets will be good since i am trying to get the most fit this year. Thanks
The 96 oz water is great! Keep it up, and maybe even aim for upwards 130 (4 liters)! But I really thing you need to eat more for breakfast and lunch man. It all depends on how much you are willing to put forward and commit to become better at tennis though... for example, I dont think pros drink any coffee AT ALL (or any caffinated drinks for that matter, especially in the morning).

But I'm assuming you want to become a baller at tennis, so the only advice for you I have is to EAT MORE!!!!!!!!! I eat at least 3000, 3500 cals a day. Dont worry about getting fat because this is offset by playing tennis obviously. For breakfast you MUST MUST MUST get your PROTEIN in and eat a lotttt -- this doesnt just apply to tennis players, it applies to everyone. It kick starts your metabolism and keeps your body running perfect the whole day -- youll get the most out of your workouts and you will definately keep fit.

For lunch, a salad is just not good enough man, you gotta get in wayy more carbs and proteins. chicken, fish, ham, turkey (proteins), pasta, rice (carbs) you name em, you just need to eat em!

If youre worried youll gain weight, well, this should just be more motiviation to work out and play more!

Bottom line is, get lots of protein and lots of carbs in! This, paired with working out (dont forget working out!!!) will keep you fit. And if you gain weight (which I actually hope you do) it will be good lean muscle if you eat well and work out.
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