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Okay, just home from my session today and had a very good time. This was a clinic for 3.5 to 4.0 players so I was a little bit more in my zone. The 2 guys from last week were cracking the ball a bit and I struggled because of that.

Overall, every aspect of my game was on and working today. Hit the forehand very well. Still had some occasions where I felt a little bit rushed though. A little bit of trouble anticipating how the ball was coming through the court. Backhand was okay but I was missing more than I did last week. Think I need to focus on getting that swing through and up while taking the ball out in front. Will make that a focus point for tomorrow.

Where I was really happy tonight, volleys! I was complimented on my net play by one of the other players there. I covered the net well, nice compact stroke, and I even had some killer reaction volleys. I was totally up to speed and it felt great. I was also hitting the serve well again. Teaching pro reminded me to get the toss up a bit higher, and when I made the adjustment I was back to cracking some good serves.

I was also very happy to have a session with this particular teaching pro. I know most of the guys on their staff, but it had been a while since I'd seen or talked with him. It was great to catch up and everything. He was a big fan of the anniversary prestige bag as well. Can't always play well, but ya gotta look good on the court Turns out he actually runs the class I took last week also. He was sick last week but he's back in action now. I'll be seeing him tomorrow for the 4.0 drills session.
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