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Originally Posted by TeflonTom View Post
4 most ppl, a 5mph walk with a bit of hill work will burn more than a game of singles, even if u are playin at a high level. n most ppl arent playin at a high level

if u play enough tennis AND play at a high level then of course it will be good exercise. just sayin it aint real efficent
I also wear a heart rate monitor sometimes when I exercise. I find that I burn about the same for both(550 - 600 cal) a 1 hour walk on the hilly roads in my neighborhood and an hour or so of singles/clinic/private lesson. Doubles, and a clinic with a lot of people where I'm not doing a lot of hitting/running is around 300 maybe.

I took up tennis because I wanted to add variety to my exercise and because I've always loved to watch it but never learned. The few times I tried just hitting with a friend it was a disaster. As I was approaching the big 40 I decided that I would finally take lessons. Now, I'm mad at myself for not starting sooner in life.
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