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Originally Posted by Tennis_Hands View Post
It is a bit more complicated than that, I am afraid.

Um. You have it backwards. They tested positive BECAUSE there was an effort to catch the cheats. The very essence of the problem, that tennis has, is, that the effort in tennis is insufficient.

By the way, I find it disturbing, that you consider the absence of more caught dopers in tennis a sign, that the sport is clean.

Not that a caught finalist, Major champion and scandal with covered positive doping tests (Agassi) are peanuts.

But, then again, you consider that someone set LA up, so, I am wasting my time, discussing this topic with you.

You clearly have no idea what WADA is.

The only way to hinder its work is, if entire Governments refuse to cooperate (like Spain does at the moment).
The Spanish Government consisting of people who are currently being accused of taking illegal payments?

And now Australia openly admits that there is a doping problem:

Originally Posted by Vlad_C View Post
Interesting how every time a thread on doping comes up, it is immediately hijacked by some with all sorts of irrelevant/irrational posts, and any attempt at a serious discussion quickly degenerates into paranoia and insanity.
I hope you don't think the above links are irrational or paranoid.
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