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My 14 and under girl started play testing the 99s today. Academy is switching from Prince to Wilson Sponsorship so we are going to see if they have anything that can beat her Bab PD GTs. Tried the Prince but the frames were breaking and the frames lost power and stiffness so she went back to the BABs.

I strung with her standard string Tour Bite 17 at 51 Lbs. and OMG the ball was all over the bubble. They were playing super tie breaks when I gave it to her to try and she could only win a point on an ace but could not keep in a ground stroke to save her life. Went from top court to bottom fast. Took it away and gave back her 3 year old Bab and right back to the top court with no more losses.

I gave the 99s to one of the top pro's and asked him to try it. Same thing as my kid, balls flying long with little control. He said the thing felt like the strings were way to loose maybe 5 to 6 Lbs.

Went back and cut out the strings and put in the same at 57 Lbs. She played for 30 Min on a ball machine and said she liked it but needed to play a lot more because she said she had to be sure she turned the door knob big time or the ball would sail on her. Volley's she had to swing thru a bit more but liked what came off the racquet after making the adjustment.

Later she played with a young Pro player who is just starting lower tour events. He is a big hitter of course so it was a good test for the 99s. She like it and said she was just getting into a groove and felt like she could hold her own when snap 30 min. in the strings were gone. The 2 center mains broke dead center in the string bed.

She has always been hard on string using only one racquet per 2 set match. If a 3rd set is needed then she grabs a fresh stick. How ever 30 mins of soft hitting and 30 min of all out killing the ball and I could hear my wallet screaming in my back pocket.

Tonight I restrung with the 4G 130 that the club had and ordered some 4G 141. I also added some weight under her hand because she likes the Babs at about 6 1/2 points HL and about 11.7 oz.

She was also trying the Juice 100 but she thinks after I matched the balance and weight to her Babs and gave it the same 51 lbs. Tour Bite she said it was a lot like her Babs but not as good any where on the court.

I will update on the 99s and see how the 4G 130 after it breaks most likly before morning break.
Wow. It sounds like your daughter is on a great track for tennis success. Might I ask which Academy she trains at? I am a teaching pro here in Wisconsin and one of our players plays at Sanchez Casal Academy in Florida in the summer months. Glad to hear you kept trying different string set-ups as this racquet is supposed to compare to the Babolats.
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