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Originally Posted by nightfire700 View Post
That leads to a question that I have been thinking of asking. When one mentions a tension of say 55 lbs does it mean the string is strung at that tension or does it mean the tension one can record 1-2 hours post stringing as I understand that lot of strings lose quite a bit of tension during that time as it settles down? Also will pre-stretch help here and if yes why isnt it used everytime?
I hate to break this to you all but a lot of the stringing that occurs at tennis shops are not very good or accurate. A few factors include uncalibrated electric machines, stringers who dont really care about accuracy, and other stringers who aren't good stringers based on not paying attention to detail and last is that alot of 2knot jobs instead of 4 knot which can lead to greater innacuracy but also saves string for the shops profit.
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