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We are at the Center Court Academy in Chatham NJ. The full time Academy is new this year for the 2 and a half years before this year she was the only full time JR. at the club. The club owner told me she had a lot of talent soon after she changed sports to tennis at age 10 so we went full time 1/2 way thru 5th grade because with the late start we had some catching up to do. Now just starting her second year in the 14s she is top 3 in the East. I geuss she has cought up but now it is time to see if she can go to that next level.
Wow that's great that she could commit full time to learning tennis. 14's is still pretty early to tell the type of success someone will have in the future so I bet she has time. I teach at a regular club here in Wisconsin but aspire to work with young juniors looking to take their game to the next level. Hope all goes well with your daughter and I wish her the best of luck.
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