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Originally Posted by dman72 View Post
Okay Mr. Litigation.

Actually, at a local tennis party, one of the coaches just missed hitting me in the eye with an overhead on what I thought was a casual goofing around point that I wasn't prepared for..I actually felt the ball graze past my eye lash, that's how close he came.

After the initial thoughts of turning him into a popsicle stick with his Dunlop, I told him he was lucky he didn't hit me because he'd probably have a lawsuit on his hands, as well as the club he was working for. So what you say isn't completely invalid. I would not hesitate to just walk in the middle of the court under the proposed scenario, though.
LOL ... You were playing a point ... whether in a match or practice it's still a point and hitting an overhead is completely within the rules. Your lawsuit would have gone nowhere.
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