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So I picked up the stick yesterday and here's my update from banging 60 mins full tilt on the ball machine and then 90 mins of casual doubles on the new string set. Maybe too soon to tell, let me know what you think. Probably cutting them out, but not because my arm hurts.

I could feel the increased stiffness and spin right away on the machine fed balls. Bigger than expected loss of feel coming from all gut, but my swing adjusted quickly to a brush windshield wiper type spinny loopy deep placement style. Having lots of fun at this point, bite and spin are just awesome.

After 30 mins or so of hard hitting I noticed a very slight pang of pain in the golfer elbow underside. I was also keenly aware of percieved increase in stamina and strength in my top side forearm muscles from all the workouts with the flex bars for the past few months. Thank you Charlie Fed. I survived a serious session the ball machine, iced up after and felt pretty good about the experiment. But match play was different.

Day 2, strings broken in a bit, first real playing time. Warm up goes great, enjoing the spin and actually feel the strings moving, cool sensation, all slow balls opace. Yuk, first serve is much weaker. But second serve is wicked, lots of kick and side spin.

After a few games of mostly doubles serve and volleying my arm still feels okay (ball machine work out 24 hours old), but with game pace I keep netting and spraying and shots don't go where I want. Missing a lot shots I usually make.

After 2 sets my arm is fine but I switch racquets back to my old higher tension gut because I feel like I suck and am having a bad night on the court. Immediately my serve works, and my volleys hit the lines and my winners start clicking. Maybe just an ld habit, but I feel at home. I guess I prefer drives and crisp volleys over massive spin. Call me old fashioned.

I feel good about progress treating the short bout with tennis elbow, but bottom line is I am just too old or old school for poly strings of any kind in any place on my racquet. I bow to the wise ones who knew this already and will either suck up the restring or keep this set up as a back up or for a nice mixed doubles stick to serve polite but sinister spin serves and hideous offensive lobs!

Please keep the suggestions coming, still looking form that bite and spin with the feel and control all at the same time! The holy grail I guess.
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