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Originally Posted by BlewByU View Post
of course Arias' backhand is flanked by one-slam wonder Vitas Gerulaitis' backhand

. . . . .
I forgot VG won the Australian though it wasn't in any manner a "Major" in 1977 but, yes, his backhand sucked especially by modern standards. He could rally with it (much of the time with a slice) and he could use it effectively to get to the net but he couldn't really hit much of a passing shot with it. But then in that period quite a few players had weak passing shots on the BH side. On the women's tour, could Shriver even hit a topspin backhand ?

Arias had a crap and very weird backhand and he did win the Italian at a time when it mattered more than it does now. But if you want to get into non-Major crap BHs the list is a long one.
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